Converts InDesign documents into XML, supports translations into multiple languages, and improves work efficiency.

■ Converts InDesign Documents into XML

  • Automatic Application of Style Elements (Tag Mapping)

    The paragraph and character styles, which are normally set manually, can be automatically applied together by Xolid because Xolid uses the same structure as XML. Therefore, Xolid is effective at preventing human errors.

  • Automatic DTP

    Converts written and translated documents directly into PDF or HTML data. In addition, you can use the optional features, such as the management of the revision history and the comparison of the differences, to improve the efficiency of your editing and proofreading.


Tag mapping

■ Improved Efficiency When Translating into Multiple Languages

  • Overflow Searches

    Xolid searches for frames that have overflowing text. The overflowing frames are listed in a report and the report window has a jump function that allows you to go to the applicable locations. In addition, Xolid can work together with functions that adjust character width automatically.

  • Compatible with Entities

    If a text frame or table cell has overflowing text, the character width can be adjusted up to a user-specified level. Therefore, this feature is very useful when translating into multiple languages.


Overflow search

■ Additional Functions

  • Cross-References

    Xolid allows you to use cross-references, which are essential in desktop publishing (DTP). In addition, you can freely set the prefixes and suffixes. If you have to make changes, you can update all of the cross-references together.

  • Automatic Numbering

    Because Xolid works together with XML, you can assign bullets (special illustrations and typographic symbols) and numbers automatically. In addition, because the specified bullets, step numbers, and so on, can be assigned automatically, Xolid makes it easy to add or update text.

  • Illustration Path Display

    The paths of the files for the illustrations in a document can be displayed. As a result, this function is effective at preventing the use of incorrect illustrations.

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