Crestec’s consulting and system-development services can support your work in many fields.


These products offered by Crestec can help ease the burden of your production processes and reduce costs.
These systems were developed by utilizing our extensive know-how gained as a production company and carefully considering the work requirements.
In addition, the systems can be customized to meet your objectives and requirements, such as processing large volumes of documents, managing information, and handling frequent changes in specifications.
These products are extremely effective in providing support in a wide range of fields, from document writing and proofreading to law documents, learning management, and sales promotions.

Manual-Creation Support

odomasy is a cloud service that supports a seamless production process flow, allowing you to centralize various types of work, such as writing, translating, and DTP (desktop publishing). This system is very effective at reducing labor and time, preventing errors, and improving production efficiency.

  • odomacy

    Cloud-Service-Type Integrated-Creation
    Support System

Law Document Support

These products allow you to convert large volumes of printed documents into electronic data
and use the data easily.
Because you can manage the master database yourself instead of outsourcing the work, you can work more efficiently and reduce costs.

  • じょうれいくん

    Law Document Support System

Document Comparison and Proofreading Support

Equipped with the most powerful functions for comparing and proofreading various documents, such as contracts, official documents, manuals, and Web content. The differences between documents can be seen easily with just a glance! Because the Japanese is closely evaluated and the user is notified of any areas that need to be checked, you can significantly improve your work efficiency while ensuring consistent quality!

  • yamatouta

    Document Comparison and
    Detailed-Checking Tool for Japanese

Support Service for Compliance with Overseas Laws, Regulations, and Standards

In overseas markets, each country has various regulations and standards in order to protect consumers. Our support service can help you comply with various regulations and standards around the world. In particular, our CE-PASS service can provide you with export opportunities even if your company does not currently have a European branch.


    Support service for compliance with overseas laws, regulations, and standards

Document-Creation Support

Using XML technology, we can provide document-creation systems that are suited to your contents and production systems. DITA is a new XML technology that has benefits for writing. Crestec can assist you in adopting DITA to realize these benefits.

  • DITA対応

    port service for adopting DITA