Data Creation

By using various applications and formats, Crestec can create true "one-source, multi-use" content.

Support for Any Application or Format

Crestec can support any format or application, such as InDesign, FrameMaker, and Microsoft Office. We can effectively use your accumulated data assets for efficient manual creation.

Supported Applications

Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, QuarkXPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, AH Formatter, Trados, and others

Supported File Formats

.indd, .fm, .ai, .psd, .eps, PDF, .pptx, .xlsx, .docx, .pmd, XML (DITA supported), HTML, .swf, WebHelp, CHM, EPUB, KF8, MOBI, .svg, 3D CAD, and XVL and other image files

Support for a Wide Range of Work, from Page Layout to Standardization

Since the late 1980s when the concept of desktop publishing (DTP) was born, Crestec has been creating documents using DTP.
Currently, we can use XML to standardize and structure documents, and create content for various types of media, such as HTML, video, and smartphone apps, based on DTP data.
Of course, we are also able to use CMS and DITA to ensure that your data assets can be managed smoothly.

Converting a printed manual into a digital format  a printed manual into a digital format  a printed manual into a digital format Data structuring and standardization uring and standardization uring and standardization Adapting for multimedia use or multimedia use or multimedia use

Example of Data Creation

Creation of an HTML Manual Included in a Product / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

We created an HTML manual that was included in the product. In addition to Japanese and English, the HTML manual was available in 50 languages, including Arabic and other right-to-left languages, and the user interface was designed assuming operation using a remote controller. In addition, we included a search suggestion function, which we developed in-house using morphological analysis, in order to create an optimized manual that could be read on the product's display. Of course, the content could also be viewed on multimedia smartphones and computers.

Efficient Conversion of a Large Amount of Product Technical Information into HTML / Audio Equipment Manufacturer

We optimized product-related technical information so that it could be viewed on a tablet. While ensuring that the content was suitable for many different tablets, with sizes and views that can vary significantly, we used our proprietary technology to convert a large number of documents into HTML efficiently.

Development of an Automatic Error Diagnosis App / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

We developed a smartphone app that could automatically diagnose the causes of errors in a product for troubleshooting. Because a camera was used to recognize the product, it was possible to automatically search for and display procedures and tips for using the product.

Creation of a Member's Magazine App for a Resort Timeshare Program / Hotel Chain

We created an electronic version of a magazine for members of a resort timeshare program. We converted a printed quarterly magazine that was issued three times per year into a digital version. Because Crestec was in charge of the entire project, from the creation of the printed magazine, we were able to construct a visual environment that was optimized for various viewing devices.

Illustrations and Video from CAD Data

Crestec can use the 3D CAD data for a product to create precise illustrations and also video in the pursuit of content that can communicate clearly.

Example of Data Creation

High-Quality Illustrations Based on 3D CAD Data / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

We created various illustrations and animated content based on the 3D CAD data of the technical materials for the product.
Of course, we can use intermediate file formats, such as XVL, STEP, and IGES, but we are also able to create illustrations from the PRT, ASM, and DRW file formats.
We can further refine the technical illustrations for a wide variety of uses, whether in service manuals or owner's manuals.

High-Quality 3D Computer Graphics Based on CAD Data / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

In addition to technical illustrations, we can also create 3D computer graphics.
Based on the CAD data from the electrical equipment manufacturer, we created high-quality 3D computer graphics, with accurate detail in the product texture and shading, that could be used as materials worldwide for individual carton boxes, websites, and other uses.

Reduced Number of Inquiries through FAQ Videos of Electrical Equipment / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

For product operation procedures in the electrical equipment manufacturer's manuals and FAQs that had a particularly high number of inquiries, we created explanatory videos. Because the videos could be viewed online through the FAQ section of the client's website, this contributed to a lower number of inquiries from end users.
The client was so pleased with the results that we received additional requests for other models.

Brightening Up a Product Exhibit with a Video Introducing New Technology / Chemical Manufacturer

We created a video introducing groundbreaking technology used in the new product of a chemical manufacturer.
In order to introduce the advanced technology for controlling microscopic particles, we created a computer-graphics model based on in-depth interviews and data collected from the actual product. The video was used mainly as a sales tool for corporate customers.

Lower Costs and Ability to Handle Large Volume Using Our Global Production Organization

Because Crestec can create highly accurate translations using our network with operations around the world and has DTP centers in China, Thailand, and other countries, we are able to carry out the work for multiple languages to meet simultaneous worldwide sales.
We are able to identify the needs of each region precisely, and build the same workflow and quality system for any destination.

Thailand ailand ailand


Production staff: 20 persons
23/26-23/27 14th floor, Sorachai Bldg., Sukhumvit, 63 Rd., Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110 THAILAND

Dalian lian lian


Production staff: 40 persons
Room 01-02 1F, No. 7 Hui Xian Yuan, Acsendas IT Park, High-tech Industrial Zone, Dalian 116025, P. R. China

Example of Data Creation

Enabling Efficient and High-Quality Production through Close Communication with Local Staff / Precision Equipment Manufacturer

We created a general catalog using an organizational structure that included the local subsidiary. By working directly with the local subsidiary of the client, we were able to meet the local needs while ensuring a consistent brand image.
In addition, because the translation, DTP, and printing were carried out at our overseas branches, we were able to handle multiple languages and a large volume effectively.