Crestec can create systems that support the entire manual-creation process.

As professionals in creating documents, we can provide you with "document-creation support systems" that were developed to improve work efficiency.
It is because we are professionals that we can propose the optimum systems that not only solve existing problems, but also ensure that potential issues and hidden problems you are facing are covered.

Crestec's Document-Creation Support System

"odomasy," which is a manual-creation support system developed by Crestec, centralizes the management of the document-creation work, including writing, proofreading, translating, DTP (desktop publishing), and printing, in order to reduce labor and time, prevent errors, and improve production efficiency.
In addition, we can propose software tools that are developed based on our document-editing and management know-how gained through our work creating manuals. In particular, our law document support system and document comparison and detailed-checking tool for Japanese are highly valued by public offices and businesses involved in creating clauses and statutes.

"odomasy" Manual-Creation Support System

"odomasy" is a cloud service that supports a seamless production flow for all of the work involved in creating manuals. All processes, from writing to creating the printing data, and management of the project progress are carried out using a cloud-based server.
In addition, because the document information and related data are centrally managed for each project separately, the system is effective at preventing mistakes and improving work efficiency.

Workflow Proposals according to Your Needs

Our system development staff, together with our professionals in writing, proofreading, translating, DTP, printing, and other fields, listen closely to the client in order to propose a system composed of suitable practical modules.
Each module can be used independently or combined with other modules as needed.
If you are having any trouble in your document-creation work, first talk to Crestec to learn how we can help you.

odomasy Modules

"WESIPY" Writing-Support System

This module uses an intuitive editing tool that is similar to word-processor software to help make writing easier and more efficient.
Because the module can show an approximation of the final layout, even for structured documents such as XML and DITA, you can comfortably focus on writing.

Operation screen of the
For more information on the "WESIPY" writing-support system

"CTC" (Crestec Translation Center) Translation-Support System

This module minimizes translation costs by centrally managing the translation memory and using our own temporary translation engine.
In addition, because the module uses a glossary and is equipped with a function for spell checks, tag verifications, and other QA checks in real-time, it helps prevent errors and mistakes.

Operation screen of the

Examples of Development

Manual-Creation Support System / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

We created a system that uses existing FrameMaker data in order to increase the efficiency of creating manuals and centrally manage manuals in multiple languages. This system helped the client create manuals in-house.
The system supported making the data structured so that the manuals could be written for various media formats.
Currently, we are continuing to enhance the system based on additional requests from the client.

Document-Creation Support System / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

We were approached by the client to create software for a large project to handle approximately 40 languages simultaneously.
Because there were limits to the operability and functions of the existing DTP software and translation-support tool, they could not be used. Therefore, in order to solve the problems, Crestec developed a cloud-based creation support system that could be operated using a browser.

"Jourei-kun" Law Document Support System

There is no work that is more cumbersome for law-document professionals than the law-document work where clauses, regulations, and ordinances are updated daily. "Jourei-kun" supports the entire work process for law documents from creating the draft to promulgation, enactment, and management of the revision history.
Currently, over 200 local governments and organizations (universities, independent administrative institutions, bar associations, and so on) in Japan have introduced "Jourei-kun."

Supporting Law Document Work in the Right Way

The most difficult part of law document work is creating drafts. Jourei-kun uses an exclusive editing tool to standardize the document structure, ensure the vocabulary terms are consistent, and improve the accuracy of the documents.
In addition, in the approval and resolution processes, because a comparison table of the new and previous text and materials showing revised text can be created automatically, you can produce standardized materials and reduce the time required for checks.

Workflow of the

Total Support to Meet the Demands of the Work Specialists

Changed locations can be updated immediately. You will not have problems like "because I sent the work to an outside contractor, disclosure will take a few months ..."
In addition, if there is some time after the revision until the enactment, you can carry out the revision work in advance and set the system so that the information will be updated automatically on the enactment date.
The system is also equipped with other functions, such as a management function for revision history and a function for viewing abolished and expired ordinances and statutes, to make all processes more efficient, not just draft creation.

Jourei-kun mascot character

"Jourei-kun" improves quality, reduces costs, and makes the work more efficient.

For more information on the "Jourei-kun" law document support system

"Hourei-kun" Support Website

This support website was established for the users of "Jourei-kun." Users can view this site if they are having trouble with the operations of "Jourei-kun" or with law documents.

"YAMATO UTA" Document Comparison and Detailed-Checking Tool for Japanese

"YAMATO UTA" is a general term used for a suite of software modules that were developed to improve the work efficiency for checking contracts, official documents, manuals, and web content and to improve the quality of Japanese text.
Because the modules were designed so that each module could be provided as a functional unit that could be incorporated easily into existing systems, they can be used with many systems.

Three Modules Comprising "YAMATO UTA"

"UTAYOMi" Document-Comparison Module

By creating comparison tables showing the new and previous documents, this module shortens the time required for proofreading. Because the module shows the changed locations, computer-aided checks for omitted revisions, incorrect numerical values, and garbled characters are possible.

"UGUHiSU" Detailed-Checking Tool for Japanese

This module was designed to support proofreading of Japanese web pages, and so on, before they are released publicly. The module compares the Japanese sentences to specified patterns and outputs a message if the sentences match the patterns. The pattern files have a format that can be customized easily so that the detailed checking can be adapted to each target document.

"KASEN" Revised Text Creation Module

Revised sentences are created based on a comparison table of new and previous text, such as when revisions of clauses and ordinances are created automatically.
Because the module can be customized according to the client's revision rules, the revised text can be created exactly as intended.