Market Research

Crestec can carry out the investigations that are necessary for international expansion, including confirmation of procurement channels, market trends, laws and regulations, language environment, and other local conditions.

Preliminary Research of Trends in Overseas Markets

We collect and analyze information, such as population distribution, user trends, and competing products, in order to gain insight into the trends in the overall market. We can also translate official government publications and journals that are issued in the local language. This is the best way to collect basic information ahead of consideration for a full-fledged entry into a foreign market.

Market research based on close coordination with the local subsidiary

Market Research by the Local Branch

We conduct the research on the local competitors and product positioning that is necessary when considering sales of a product in a new market. Of course, we are also able to provide proposals that consider the sales method, usage conditions, population, ultimate market potential, and other factors. We can provide the reports in the desired format, such as bilingual reports in English and Japanese. Through close coordination between the staff from the head office and the staff at the local subsidiary, we are able to design the best research plans for our clients.

Investigation of the Language Environment in the Target Area

Crestec can investigate the characteristics of the languages used in the target area, the key points for localization, and the availability of translators and their skills. In addition, we can also research the production environment, such as the availability of suitable applications and compatible fonts. We can handle complex language environments comprised of numerous minor languages, such as those of ethnic minorities in China, India, and Africa.

Crestec can also conduct research in regions that include multiple minor languages

Examples of Investigations

Creation of Guidelines for Multilingual Manuals for Europe

Not only did we standardize the terms and expressions used in multilingual manuals for multiple products, including those from competitors, we also created writing guidelines. We successfully optimized the language expressions by closely examining the complex language environment in Europe.

Investigation of the Language Writing Environment for Newly Developing Countries

As the source materials for creating a sales plan, we investigated the translation environment in a newly developing country. In addition to confirming the number of translators for the target language and their experience and skills, we also closely examined the production environment, such as the necessary applications and fonts, and were able to provide materials that were very important in the decision-making process.

Investigation of Local Regulations and Standards Related to Documents

We can thoroughly research product liability laws and international standards that must be complied with in new markets.
As a document-creation company with branches around the world, Crestec is uniquely capable of investigating various regulations and standards, such as ISO, EN, ANSI, and GB (China), and providing the necessary support to ensure compliance.
Our section specializing in researching standards, the ISS (International Standards Information Section), provides in-depth consulting services. For local laws, we receive advice from retained law firms in each country.

We investigate the local laws and standards and provide proposals on compliance

Examples of Investigations

Writing Product-Liability Text That Complies with Laws in a New Market

Crestec assisted a company, which did not have a department responsible for compliance with standards, begin overseas sales.
We created the product-liability text through coordination with our branch office and local partner, a law firm specializing in compliance with product-liability laws. By working closely with the client's engineering and quality assurance departments, we were able to launch overseas sales without incident.

Investigation of European-Norm Text, from the Product Manual to the Individual Packaging

For the manual, labels, and individual packaging of a product that was sold in Europe for the first time, we investigated the required information that must be indicated to comply with the standards. In order to export a product, it is important to investigate not only the contents of the product manual, but also the precautions and other text that appear on external packaging.

Proposals for Procurement Routes of Local Materials

When opening a factory overseas, what is most important is the procurement flow, which starts with the types and strength of locally available materials, costs, and lead time.
While reducing costs, Crestec proposes manufacturing methods and local procurement routes that are able to maintain the quality at the same level as in Japan. Therefore, we are able to maximize the benefits of local procurement and ensure a smooth expansion overseas.

Investigations and proposals for procurement routes of local materials

Examples of Investigations

Support for the Launch of the Client's First Overseas Factory

At the request of a client who was considering expanding overseas, Crestec helped the client launch an overseas factory. We provided the client with proposals for the procurement of materials and various other items.
Our comprehensive proposals included not only the procurement flow for local materials for printed materials, boxes, and labels, but also plastic bags and other materials used in the factory. In addition, for the materials that Crestec was responsible for procuring, we provided the technical drawings that were used locally. This was appreciated very much by the client.