Manuals designed to meet our clients' needs, such as improved quality, reduced production costs, new plans, and newly created manuals.

Crestec Manual Planning & Proposals

"I want to improve the manual and increase the quality." "I would like to reduce the number of pages and lower my costs." "I wish to completely change my manual for a new product." ... Even with such diverse requirements, Crestec can meet the needs of our clients. From reviewing the workflow to converting manuals to online manuals or HTML manuals and providing new plans and proposals for manuals, we can help you solve any issues you are facing.

Manual Improvement Plans & Proposals

At Crestec, we provide manual improvement plans and proposals using three approaches for increasing the quality of manuals.

1. Improving manuals to make them easier to understand

Do you receive many inquiries about the contents of your manuals or do you have a problem of manuals with so much text that they are difficult to read?
Crestec can analyze the issues with your current manuals and improve the manuals to make them easy to understand. By using text that is easy to read and understand correctly, together with the optimum illustrations, we can improve the quality of your manuals. This increases the added value of your products.

2. Improving manuals to make them easier to use

In order to increase the usability of a manual, it is essential to improve the ability to find information.
By revising the structure of the table of contents, organizing the information, and changing the layout, Crestec can propose the optimum format for presenting information to the user. As a result, we can improve the manual to increase the accessibility to the information and make the manual more convenient and easier to use.

3. Improving manuals to lower production costs

Crestec can provide you with many plans and proposals for reducing the costs of producing manuals.
Proposals that reduce the number of pages by combining repeated information also reduce your printing costs. In addition, we can review your workflow for producing manuals to improve work efficiency, which will lead to a reduction in overall production costs. However, our proposals do not focus on simply reducing "volume," we create refined manuals that maintain the "quality" of the information.

Examples of Plans & Proposals

Revising an Existing Manual for Use in Japan / Food Manufacturer

An existing user's manual that was created overseas was simply translated into Japanese. Because there were many locations where the layout and text were difficult to understand, the company received many inquiries from users.
By using Crestec's proposals for improving the manual, the structure and procedures in the manual were revised and the illustrations were made clearer. As a result, we improved the quality of the manual and lowered the costs by reducing the number of pages. The client was very pleased with the improved manual.

New Manual Format Plans & Proposals

Crestec can provide plans for creating manuals in a new format and also conduct research and development into advanced technologies. Through promotion plans that take advantage of our product knowledge and research into next-generation techniques for delivering information, we can propose new manual formats.

Examples of Plans & Proposals

Comprehensive Promotion Plan according to the Sales Strategy / Optical Equipment Manufacturer

According to the sales strategy of "expanding the customer base," we created a plan for a simple manual aimed at young users in order to cultivate loyal fans.
Together with the manual, the sales promotion plan also included POP (point of purchase) displays, web content, and other items.

Improved Manual-Creation Workflow Using a Consultant / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

The client wanted to discuss creating new explanations and descriptions that were suitable for a new product.
Crestec has an experienced consultant on staff who has upstream know-how specializing in planning and organization. By holding seminars and having the consultant work together with the client's staff, we were able not only to improve the descriptions used, but also raise employee awareness. This was highly regarded by the client.

Example of Research and Development

Information Distribution in the IoT Age

Example of Crestec's research and development for manuals 's research and development for manuals

Crestec worked together with Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. on research and development into "distributing information in the age of IoT (Internet of Things)" using code from "ECHONET Lite" and "GotAPI."
The condition or status of the device is detected using "Kadecot," which was developed by Sony Computer Science Laboratories, and the information-distribution system was built to support the IoT (Internet of Things) service that distributes the necessary information. By adapting HEMS (Home Energy Management System), which is used in smart houses, for use in a business environment and carrying out other measures, we are able to continue proposing new plans that remain one step ahead of existing manuals.

In addition, by using a life log and open data, we were able to achieve an even greater variety of information-distribution methods. It is possible to provide information for many uses, such as educator data for artificial intelligence.
We entered into a joint research agreement with Sony Computer Science Laboratories for this research and continue to work on this project.

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Exhibits & Awards

  • CEATEC JAPAN 2014 (in the ECHONET Consortium booth)
  • IECON-2015 (held by DAIWA House Industry Co., Ltd.): "HEMS printer" wins the User Interface Award
  • Smart Energy Japan 2016 (in the Kanagawa Institute of Technology booth)
  • Eco House & Eco Building Expo 2016 (in the Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. booth)

Reference Information

Kadecot (

Promotion Tool Plans & Promotions

Crestec does not just create manuals in the service field. We also plan and propose brochures, in-store POP (point of purchase) displays, posters, magazine and newspaper advertisements, and many other product promotion tools.
Crestec creates materials that have the right promotional appeal by taking advantage of the product knowledge we gained through the creation of manuals. Because writers who are familiar with the product are in charge of creating the promotional materials, it is possible to create the promotional documents more efficiently.
In addition, because we use a consistent design starting with the promotional materials and extending to the manuals, we can present a unified style in all of the documents. As a result, you can expect your product to become more appealing and have stronger branding.

Examples of Plans & Proposals

Sales Expansion Using a Tablet-Based Promotional Tool / Transportation Equipment Manufacturer

Crestec created and printed sales tools, from product brochures and promotional videos to a tablet-based app.
Although a tool that included a large amount of product information was not feasible due to costs, by linking a tablet-based app to product brochures, we were able to successfully create a portable tool. In addition, we designed the tablet-based app so that it could be downloaded only by authorized users in order to prevent leaking valuable sales information.
By bringing together all of the know-how from our sales staff, we were able to contribute to expanding the client's sales.

Package Design for a Commemorative Model / Textile Product Manufacturer

Crestec was in charge of designing the body and package for a model to commemorate the manufacturer's 30th anniversary. Of course the design had to be consistent with the planned concept, and because Crestec was in charge of the entire project from the printed design on the product to producing the carton boxes, we contributed to the launch of a high-quality product that was suitable for the anniversary.