With in-depth product knowledge and technical writing that considers the reader, Crestec creates content that "communicates."

Crestec Technical Writing

Do have any problems making your manuals? For example, the manual is difficult to understand, the content is old, it takes too much time to update the information ...
By outsourcing the manual-creation work, you can increase the satisfaction of the users and reduce the workload of your staff.
Not just printed manuals, we can also create manuals in many other formats, such as HTML manuals and manuals that are included in the product itself. It is also possible to customize the technical writing according to the media.

User Guides (Owner's Manuals and Service Manuals)

We can arrange the information so that it is easier to understand to build a bridge between your company and the end users.
Crestec has approximately 80 experienced technical writers in a wide range of fields. We can handle any product.

Crestec considers the reader's viewpoint to be the top priority. When creating owner's manuals for end users and service manuals for service technicians, you must change the writing style even if the manuals are for the same product. Because Crestec understands the product and reader from multiple viewpoints, we are able to create the optimum manuals.
We are able to offer comprehensive solutions for organizing the information, including the page layout and creation of illustrations.

Examples of Product Categories

  • Computers and mobile devices
  • Software
  • Multi-function products and printers
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Wearable devices
  • Audio equipment
  • Home electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Machine tools
  • Construction machinery
Creation of owner's manuals and service manuals in a wide range of fields

Writing That Anticipates Localization

Have you thought about localization into other languages? When translating into another language, the writing in the base language is very important. If the expressions in the base language are vague or incomplete, this will affect both the time required for translation and the quality of the translated text.
Crestec is committed to creating expressions that are easy to understand and will not be misunderstood. This supports quick translation into other languages.
Of course, we are skilled in writing in Japanese, but we can also write using simplified technical English when English is the base language.

Continued Training Daily and a Member of the Japan Technical Communicators Association

Crestec is a member of the Japan Technical Communicators Association.
Many of our writers have been certified through the TC certification exams. Through our participation in the TC symposium and other events, we continue to cultivate our ability to communicate information in many ways.
Our manuals have received awards in many categories in the Japan Manual Contest, reflecting the consistently high quality of our manuals.

Work Manuals

Our work manuals can be adapted according to your request, such as training new employees in all aspects of your business, explaining your company's unique rules to mid-career recruits, and ensuring a smooth transition of work between employees. With succinct technical writing that is appropriate for the level of the trainee, the trainee can efficiently acquire the necessary knowledge.
Whether you want to create a low-cost manual from modules or would like a fully customized manual to suit your particular needs, please feel free to contact us with any request.
Through training that helps employees become an immediate asset to your company and by promoting sharing of know-how among the employees, we can help you improve the work productivity of your staff.

Examples of Work Manuals

Store General Work Manual / Food Manufacturer

According to the client's requests to discontinue the current printed manual, reduce the burden of updating the manual, and create a manual in a new format, we proposed e-learning training materials. Because the client had many stores, printing costs were a concern. We were able to reduce the costs significantly by delivering the data on CDs. In addition, we did not simply convert the manual into a digital manual, we created a new manual that considered the users, such as by including a search function and embedding video.

Store Management Support Manual / Convenience Store Chain

We created a work-support manual for supervisors who manage several stores.
Although the previous manuals were distributed as printed manuals, it took considerable time for the latest information to reach all of the supervisors because there were many pages and the content was updated frequently. By storing the HTML manual on the server at the head office, the latest information could be provided quickly to the supervisors anytime because they were able to view the manual on their laptop computers. This was received positively by the client.

Customer Visit Manner Book / Security System Manufacturer

We were approached by the client who wanted to combine the two current books into a single book. Because the client had already written the draft, we proposed a comprehensive plan to rewrite and further refine the content.
By incorporating new requests while continuing to use the client's original draft, we were able to minimize costs.

Information Security Guidebook for Employees / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

We created security training materials for the employees, including those working at group companies. Because the content was rather stiff, we employed a pop-art style for the illustrations and design and used other creative measures to make the content more approachable.
Because we included not only general security-related knowledge, but also explanations about the company organization and important related laws and ordinances, the training materials were very useful.

Let Us Create Sales-Promotion Documents

Crestec does not just handle technical writing in the service field. We also write copy for general documents related to a product, such as brochures and in-store POP (point of purchase) displays.
By using our knowledge gained through the creation of product manuals, we can effectively increase the appeal of the products.
In addition, standardizing the impression provided by the documents can lead to increased brand strength. You can count on Crestec to create product manuals as well as posters, magazine advertisements, and other items that place a higher priority on design.

  • Brochures and In-Store POP Displays

    By combining a refined design with product knowledge gained through the creation of manuals, we can create appealing documents for promoting sales. These documents can strongly encourage product sales.
  • Posters, and Magazine & Newspaper Advertisements

    With irresistible designs and slogans (catchphrases), we can create opportunities for product sales.

From marketing to after-sales service, Crestec can provide total support with writing that connects you to your users.

Example of Sales Promotion

Advertisement / Heavy Industrial Machinery Manufacturer

We were contacted the client who wanted a fresh approach compared to the client's existing vendors. Based on interviews and an investigation carried out before launching the project, we proposed copy that used a unifying storyline and four types of designs that emphasized the brand image. The client was extremely pleased with our ability to accurately identify the client's needs and express those needs in various styles.
Despite the short deadline, work proceeded quickly and we created a high-quality advertisement.