We can provide you with total support
for complying with the CE marking for
products sold in the EU market.

In order to distribute or use Japanese products in the EU market, the products must comply with the CE marking.

Before products are placed on the market, the CE marking requires that a conformity assessment is carried out according to the directives of the European Commission.
Products that satisfy the directives, as well as the packaging, owner's manual, and other related materials, must display the CE marking.

Specifically, the manufacturer must select the directives and standards that apply to the product, create and translate the related conformity assessments, technical documents, owner's manuals, and service manuals, and build a system for monitoring the products after they are placed on the market.

CE-PASS is a complete service, encompassing all of these complicated processes and creation work, to help you ensure a smooth distribution of your products.

CE Marking Process

Consulting Service for Declarations of Conformity

  • Selection of the directives and standards that apply to products
  • Risk analyses, as well as process confirmation and proposals for quality control and ensuring safety
  • Support for verifying conformity assessments and creating test reports

Service for Creating Technical Documents and Owner's Manuals

  • Analysis combined with proposals for the structure and contents of technical documents according to the applicable standards
  • Proposals regarding the contents and creation of owner's manuals and service manuals (analysis of compatibility with IEC82079-1)
  • High-quality translations of created manuals and other documents into English and other languages

Authorized Representative* Service

Note: The authorized representative is Crestec Europe B.V.,our branch in the Netherlands.

Technical File Management Support

  • Storage and management of technical documents, declarations of conformity and owner's manuals

Support after Products Are Placed on the Market

  • Completion of procedures for registering products with the competent authorities (For required products only. This support does not include export procedures.)
  • Serve as the contact point with the competent authorities
     Submission of declarations of conformity and owner's manuals
     Submission of reports after products are placed on the market
     Submission of market audit reports
  • Handling of necessary matters if problems occur
     The latest information regarding directives and standards can be provided in Japanese
*The authorized representative works on behalf of manufacturers located outside the EU. The representative in the EU serves as the contact point for the CE marking to comply with the market monitoring activities of the applicable competent authorities. Clients who do not have an office located in the EU can use our CE-PASS authorized representative service to respond quickly to inquiries from the competent authorities by concluding an authorized representative agreement with our European office.

Support Service for Directives and Standards around the World

In North America, Asia, and other regions outside the EU, there are various systems associated with product directives and standards.
We provide the same comprehensive support for these systems as we offer with CE-PASS.

Product-Related Document Creation, Packaging Design, and Mass Production at Local Sites

In addition to our consulting service, we can create, translate, and print various documents, owner's manuals, and catalogs in high volumes, as well as design and mass-produce packaging, on a global scale. With 20 branches located in 11 countries around the world (Europe, USA, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia) and 11 branches located in Japan, Crestec offers a complete lineup of services.
From planning, writing, DTP, and creation of various documents and owner's manuals to digital conversion of documents, multilingual translations, printing, binding, and design, mass production, and kitting of packaged products, we can provide delivery in all regions around the world.

Representative for CE-PASS Inquiries

Crestec Inc., Business Advancement Section

2F Kitahamahigashi Nomura Bldg., 1-22 Kitahamagashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 540-0031
E-mail : cepass_info[at]crestec.co.jp

European Office


Teleportboulevard 110,
1043 EJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone : (31)20-585-4640 Fax : (31)20-585-4646

Head Office

Crestec Inc.

676 Kasaishinden-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken 431-3105
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