Group Augmented Reality App

Interactive immersive technology for today's activities and tomorrow's vision.

Android App for Epson Moverio Smart Glasses

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

What is “Group AR”?

PORECT is the only software package that can give you the “Group AR” experience anywhere!

All you need are smartglasses, a tablet, and a portable Wi-Fi router to connect them all. With Group AR, content is streamed simultaneously to multiple smartglasses.

Easy to use - anyone can do it!

  1. Distribute the smartglasses to participants and ask them to put the smartglasses on.
  2. Use the tablet to start content playback in conjunction with the explanation provided by the group’s guide.
  3. The content is streamed simultaneously to all smartglasses, allowing the group to enjoy an Augmented Reality experience.

From group tours to far-away events,

the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.




Support tool for tour guides

  • Sight-seeing
  • Guests can take a trip back in time by viewing vintage photos at historical sites.

  • Museums
  • Videos that recreate the size and movement of ancient animals bring life to museum fossils.

Enhanced experiences for fans

  • See what’s behind the scenes
  • Subtitles provide fans with additional insight to a performance or production.

  • Get a new view of the action
  • Videos filmed from the perspective of the head coach let sports fans see how the game unfolds and experience a new kind of excitement at the stadium.

The perfect PR tool

  • Stand out at industry trade shows
  • Smartglasses provide a new and exciting way for customers to interact with your products.

  • Breathe new life into the factory tour
  • Show slow motion videos on the factory floor to demonstrate how high-speed machines get the job done.

Required hardware

Here’s what you need to provide a group Augmented Reality experience with PORECT.

1. Smartglasses (one pair per participant)

First, get the smartglasses ready. Smartglasses device information is required when purchasing PORECT.

PORECT supports the following smartglasses.


There is no specific limit to the number of smartglasses devices that can be used with the PORECT system, but we recommended a limit of 15 devices.

2. Tablet and Wi-Fi router

The tablet is used to control content playback on the smartglasses, and the Wi-Fi router is used to connect the tablet and smartglasses together. PORECT supports the following tablet operating systems.

  • Android 5.0
  • Android 5.1.1
  • Android 6.0
  • Android 7.0

Your Wi-Fi network and security settings will need to be partially customized, so we recommended that you prepare a router exclusively for PORECT.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

3. Content

PORECT can play videos (MP4) and pictures (JPG). Want to use Microsoft® PowerPoint® to create a more engaging presentation of your videos and pictures? Learn more by referring to the included Content Creation Guide.

Microsoft and PowerPoint are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

4. 360°camera

PORECT can play videos and pictures taken with a 360° camera. Normal images (video and picture) can only display the same vision on all smart glasses but for contents captured with a 360°camera, the smart glasses show the vision seen from each participants perspective.

As of January 2018, the following 360°cameras are compatible with PORECT.


Volume licensing

The PORECT system consists of a tablet and one pair of smartglasses for each participant, and requires a license that accommodates the number of smartglasses devices that are connected to the system. Four types of volume licensing are available, depending on the number of devices you want to connect.

Product number Product name Price (inc. Tax)
PO-03 PORECT 3 License Pack $3,780.00
PO-05 PORECT 5 License Pack $4,780.00
PO-10 PORECT 10 License Pack $6,780.00
PO-15 PORECT 15 License Pack $8,880.00

*The cost of smartglasses and other hardware is not included in the price.

Licenses are provided in a license pack, which include the following.

PORECT system configuration

*All devices in the figure above are sold separately.

How to purchase

PORECT is available for purchase from the PORECT Official Online Store. Information about each smartglasses device is necessary to license the system. Please purchase smartglasses before purchasing PORECT. The following explains the procedure from purchase at the Official Online Store to delivery.


Choose a product

Using the PORECT Official Online Store, put the desired product in your shopping cart.



At the Official Online Store, you can pay by wire transfer or credit card. With wire transfer, we will send you the bank account information in an order confirmation email. When payment is confirmed, we will send you an email containing the URL of the download site.



Download the Installation Guide from the download site. Also, confirm the details of the license agreement.


Apply for license

Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide, check the device information of each pair of smartglasses, and notify us by email to the PORECT support center. This is the license application procedure.


Apps will not be delivered unless you apply for a license, so please apply promptly after purchase.



Within five business days* of license application, you will receive information about how to download the PORECT app installer (apk file). Copy the installer to each smartglasses device and install the app.

*The installer is customized based on the information in the license information, and therefore takes some time to process.

The PORECT software is non-refundable when the customer has received the PORECT installer (apk file).

Contact us

For information about PORECT, please contact:

We will reply to your inquiry within three business days.

Please refer to the following frequently asked questions before contacting us. You may find the answer to your question here.

1. Questions before ordering

What can PORECT do?

PORECT can play image files (.jpg) and video files (.mp4) that are displayed on multiple smartglasses devices simultaneously. It is a great companion to traditional tour guides and presentations.

How is content registered with the system?

Simply copy the desired content to the specified folder on the tablet and smartglasses devices. You can refer to the included documentation to learn how to enhance your pictures and videos to give them more impact.

Can I use my current tablet and Wi-Fi router?

If they meet the requirements, yes.

  • OS: Android 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, or 7.0
  • Memory: 2 GB or more
  • Screen resolution: 1,280×800 or higher

While there are no specific feature requirements for the portable Wi-Fi router, some of the router’s network and security settings must be changed, therefore we recommend procuring a router that will be used exclusively with the PORECT system.

Can I request a quote before placing an order?

You can request a quote at the PORECT Official Online Store.

Are smartglasses included with PORECT?

PORECT is a software license and does not include smartglasses. Confirm and prepare the hardware necessary for operation in the “Required hardware” section.

2. Questions about ordering

Where can I buy a PORECT system?

PORECT is available only from the PORECT Official Online Store. You can purchase using a credit card or by PayPal.

When will I receive the PORECT app installer?

Within five business days of sending the MAC addresses of your smartglasses and completing your license application, you will receive the installer. Refer to the “How to purchase” section of this site. We will provide information about the license application process to the email address used at the time of purchase.

3. Questions after ordering

An error occurred when installing the PORECT app.

Send a screenshot of the error screen and send it to the PORECT support center. Please include the following information.

  • Brand and model of the tablet and/or smartglasses
  • Android OS version of the tablet and/or smartglasses
  • Available storage capacity of the tablet and/or smartglasses
When using the tablet, buttons are displayed on top of each other, or the screen layout is strange.

Confirm the screen resolution of the tablet. If the screen resolution is less than 1,280×800, use a different tablet. The PORECT app for tablets installer does not read device-specific information from the device, so you can use the same installer with another tablet.

When I use the tablet to start playback, nothing is displayed on the smartglasses.

Make sure the tablet and smartglasses are connected to the same Wi-Fi network by confirming the SSID (network name) in the device’s Wi-Fi settings.

Are software updates provided?

Free software updates are not provided. We plan to make new versions available to licensees of previous versions for a nominal fee.