Support and Integrated Management System for Creating Documents

odomasy is a cloud service that supports a seamless production process flow, allowing you to centralize various types of work, such as writing, translating, and DTP (desktop publishing). This system is very effective at reducing labor and time, preventing errors, and improving production efficiency.

■ Functions** Each function can be used individually or together with other functions.

  • Project and Contents Management (PMS/CMS)

    Reduces muri (excessive burdens), muda (waste), and mura (unevenness) by controlling the progress of the entire document-creation process. In addition, because this function allows you to refer to and reuse other contents easily, you can increase the reusability and productivity.

  • Writing Support

    Provides powerful support for creating documents using functions such as a detailed checking function, which assists you in creating consistent documents, and a suggestion function, which allows you to maximize your translation assets.

  • Translation Support

    Minimizes translation costs using unified translation memory data and our original engine for generating provisional translations.

  • Automatic DTP

    Converts written and translated documents directly into PDF or HTML data. In addition, you can use the optional features, such as the management of the revision history and the comparison of the differences, to improve the efficiency of your editing and proofreading.

■ System Overview