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Crestec has been creating manuals for use in many countries around the world for over 30 years. By taking advantage of this experience, we are able to provide the following services to our clients.

1. Consulting Support for Laws and Regulations

At the International standards Information section, we provide consulting for international laws and regulations for manuals.
We can provide your desired services to match the countries and regions around the world.

International Standards Information Section

At the International Standards Information Section, we provide consulting for manual regulations. We can provide your desired services to match the countries and regions around the world.

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2. Global Standards That Affect Manuals

Because we can suggest improvements based on the results of an objective evaluation, the issues facing the existing manuals can be resolved quickly.
We check the structure of the table of contents, the descriptions, and the layout of the existing manuals from a comprehensive viewpoint, and evaluate the quality of the text, ease of searching for information, ease of understanding the expressions, and other factors.

3. Manual Usability Test and Consulting

At Crestec, we prepare the environment in which the product is actually used, and verify whether the user can perform the procedure correctly according to the information in the manual.
By gathering information based on real use, we are able to clearly identify the key points for making the manual easy to understand. We promise to provide proposals for manuals with high usability.

1 Discover Potential Problems

By understanding the overall image of the user's usage environment and observing each and every action from multiple angles, the product issues that could not be noticed in the design phase and the nature of those issues become clear. The issues that can be identified from the behavior of typical users, without having any fixed opinions or preconceptions, can provide valuable hints for creating even better products.

2 Proposals for New Expressions

We can verify the actions of the user and determine the media that is best for conveying product information with expressions that are easy to understand. Information can be expressed through videos, animation, computer graphics, booklets, brochures, leaflets, printed labels (stickers), apps, and many other methods. Because Crestec has clients in various fields and has experience with a wide variety of products and service manuals, we are able to propose the method for communicating information that is best suited to each product.

Reasons for Choosing Crestec

 Scientific Analysis through "Behavioral Observation"

Information about conscious behavior can be drawn out in words through surveys, interviews, and other tools. However, if you want to remain two or three steps ahead of your competitors, there are hints in subconscious human behavior, which is an area that cannot be expressed in words.
Behavioral observation looks at subconscious feelings and collects information based on scientific analysis.

 Selecting Appropriate Targets

People who have absolutely no interest in the product or people who are very familiar with the product are not suitable subjects for usability tests because it will not be possible to obtain average data. In addition, although it is possible to collect a lot of data with many participants, costs will become too high. Crestec has the know-how to select the proper users for effective tests, allowing us to carry out tests according to your needs.

 Setting Up the Usage Environment with Attention to Details

To obtain useful data, it is not enough to simply bring a user to an empty meeting room and say, "Here is the product and the manual. Try using the product." There are a variety environments in which a product is typically used, such as a living room with a television or a kitchen with storage areas for cups and dishes. Crestec pays close attention to detail in setting up the usage environment in order to collect data effectively.

Contents of Usability Tests

If the goal of the test is to extract and narrow down the list of problems with a current user guide, the investigation is carried out as follows.
Note: The actual contents of the investigation are set according to the wishes of the client. Therefore, please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Interview:Conduct interviews to confirm how the users normally use the product.

Behavior observation:Prepare the environment in which the users use the product and have the users demonstrate how they handle the product. Monitor the users and ask questions about any behavior that is notable.