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Not only do we write with words and expressions matched to the purpose of the document, we support various writing work including information collection and organizing, creating contents, data collection at the site or with the products, and instructions for making illustrations.
By organizing the necessary information, we can make it possible for users to use your products or services.
Crestec has approximately 80 experienced technical writers in a wide range of fields. We can handle any product.

1. Crestec Technical Writing

With manual creation at the core of what Crestec does, we specialize in Technical Writing.
With in-depth product knowledge, skills, and technical writing that considers the reader, Crestec creates content that "communicates."

2. Other Types of Writing

Writing can be classified into several parts. The services provided by Crestec include collecting data from the site or interviews, writing down the recorded data, and then rewriting by correcting the text and reviewing the expressions used. Of course, scenarios would need to be made for video productions, and catchphrases thought of for advertisements or posters.

Product and Manual Categories

 Examples of Product Categories

  • • Computers and mobile devices
  • • Software
  • • Multi-function products and printers
  • • Automotive (automobiles and motorcycles)
  • • Wearable devices
  • • Audio equipment
  • • Optical equipment
  • • Home electronics
  • • Medical devices
  • • Machine tools
  • • Construction machinery

 Examples of Manual Categories and Mediums

  • • Installation guides
  • • Owner's manuals
  • • Maintenance manuals
  • • Parts catalogs
  • • Manuals included in the product
  • • User Interface (UI) menus and messages
  • • Quarterly magazines
  • • Advertisements and posters
  • • Catalogs and pamphlets
  • • Web sites
  • • Educational contents: paper based, web based, videos, e-Learning
  • • Business manner texts
  • • Explanatory videos for manuals and operations
  • • Promotional videos for factories and products

Writing That Anticipates Localization

When translating into another language, the writing in the base language is very important. If the expressions in the base language are vague or incomplete, this will affect both the time required for translation and the quality of the translated text. Crestec is committed to creating expressions that are easy to understand and will not be misunderstood. This supports quick translation into other languages.
Of course, we are skilled in writing in Japanese, but we can also write using simplified technical English when English is the base language.

Continued Daily Training

Crestec is a member of the Japan Technical Communicators Association.
Many of our writers have been certified through the TC certification exams. Through our participation in the TC symposium and other events, we continue to cultivate our ability to communicate information in many ways.
Our manuals have received awards in many categories in the Japan Manual Contest, reflecting the consistently high quality of our manuals.