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Community Activities

Club Team Activities (Soccer)

As a supporting company of the Jubilo Iwata soccer team, Crestec continues to root for Jubilo Iwata in 2024.

As a partner company of the Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. soccer team, Crestec Matsumoto Branch continues to root for Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. in 2024.

As a full member of the Shizuoka Sports United General Incorporated Association, Crestec Hamamatsu Branch roots for the Shizuoka SSU Bonita soccer team in Japan’s Nadeshiko League (Japan’s top class amateur women’s soccer league) in 2024.

Support of Competitive Sports Tournaments

Youth Development Charity 9th Open Tournament - Shizuoka Prefecture Karate Championship Tournament
As a sponsor company, Crestec provided tournament poster and pamphlet creation services for the tournament held in the Iwata City General Gymnasium sponsored by the World Karatedo Federation Shinkyokushinkai Shizuoka Branch (backed by Iwata City) on September 17, 2023.
We have been a co-sponsor of this event since the 1st tournament in 2015.

Support of the Yo-Yo Activities of Rei Iwakura

Crestec is the proud official sponsor of the Yo-Yo competition activities of Rei Iwakura (REWIND/C3yoyodesign/Japan Yo-Yo Federation).


Club Team Activities (Rugby)

As a club sponsor of the Shizuoka BlueRevs rugby team, Crestec continues to root for Shizuoka BlueRevs in 2023-24.

International Exchange Activities (Cooperation with the Hamamatsu Global Fair)

On February 12, 2023, the Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange (HICE) held its Global Fair at the Hamamatsu Cultural Community Center (Create Hamamatsu) for the first time in 3 years as an in-person event.
Crestec employees volunteered as support for running the SDGs workshop. In addition, as a sales representative for “Pocketalk” AI translation devices (, we received ten of the devices on loan from the Sourcenext corporation which were used by participants of the Buddy Tour (event tour) for cultural exchange and communication within the fair.

Donation of Masks to an International Exchange Association

Donation of Masks to Foreign Residents (Daycare Centers, Schools, Etc.) Through the Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange (HICE)
Hamamatsu city, where Crestec’s head office is located, has a thriving manufacturing industry and is home to more than 26,000 foreign residents (as of July 2022). In addition to volunteer activities as a supporting member of HICE, which aims to promote international exchange to create an inclusive society in the local community, we also work contribute to the healthy lives of foreign residents. With the third donation on December 7, 2022, we have donated a cumulative total of over 10,000 masks.

Photo right: Mr. Anma, executive director of HICE

Collaboration on Hands-On Lessons for Elementary School Students

In August, 2021, our packaging and design room (Development and Design Department for product packaging materials) collaborated on the “Let’s Make a Storage Box with Cardboard!” children’s science class held at “Knowledge Hub Aichi” Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture), providing the class and guidance.
After giving a brief explanation of cardboard and how to use it for purposes other than packaging, we asked the participating elementary school students to try making tissue cases and eyeglass stands using cardboard.
We plan to continue this collaboration in the next financial year and beyond.

“Drawing Activity Book” Distribution Activities

In order to make the best use of our discontinued paper inventory without disposing of it as business waste, Crestec’s has created a special program starting June 2021. We will produce 50 to 300 A4 size 100-page “Drawing Activity Books” each month which will be printed and bound at our Hamamatsu Printing Center. We plan to donate about 8,000 of these books to neighboring local governments and organizations over the next three years.
As a local company, we strive to do our best to fulfill our social responsibilities by helping to support the growth and lives of children in our communities through these donations.

International Exchange Activities

With “Global Solutions - Your Gateway to New Worlds” as our corporate slogan, we are engaged in actively pursuing international exchange that transcends language and nationality. Through the mutual understanding of cultures and customs, our goal is to contribute to the foundation of a society in which the people of the world can live happily and with peace of mind. Therefore, as a supporting member of HICE (Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange), we have started volunteering for various events as part of our primary activities. Furthermore, we intend to move forward with other international cultural exchange activities, including exchange meetings with international students.

◇ Record of primary activities
Participation in volunteer activities at the 10th Hamamatsu Global Fair (February 9, 2020: hosted by HICE), and operational support of Education for International Understanding

Notebook Distribution Activities

At Crestec’s local subsidiary in China (Suzhou Crestec Printing Co. Ltd.), 5,000 notebooks and thousands of sheets of copy paper were donated to three nearby elementary schools. On November 7th, 2016, an assembly was held in the auditorium of Baimajian Elementary School.
In order to newly operate stitchless* binding machines, binding tests are performed on many books. The results would normally be discarded, but since the tests are performed using white paper, they were used for making notebooks.

*A method of bookbinding for binding more than a set number of pages in which books are bound using an adhesive rather than thread and needles.

Hamamatsu City Seawall Embankment Planting Activities

In order to prepare for possible tsunami damage caused by a Nankai Trough earthquake, the “Hamamatsu City Coastal Area Seawall Bank Improvement Project” is being carried out at a height of 13 meters tall and stretching approximately 17.5 km from Lake Hamana to the mouth of the Tenryu River. As part of this project, we are planting on the surface of the seawall embankment in order to restore the function of the original coastal disaster prevention forest. Citizens and businesses all participate in part of the planting. Crestec has been involved in these planting activities since 2016 through employee volunteers.

Cultural Exchange through Origami: Hang in There, Fukushima!

The “Cultural Exchange through Origami” is a program to distribute origami paper to local kindergartens and other facilities. For the origami paper, Crestec uses pieces of scrap paper and specially colored inks (ink that has been blended according to customers’ specific requirements and normally cannot be used for other printing) that are generated during printing. These activities not only reduce the amount of industrial waste produced, but also bring joy to children and contribute to the local community. In the past, staff taught how to fold origami as a way to promote cultural exchange in Dongguan City in Guangdong, China, and in the Cikarang district in western Indonesia.
While hoping for a quick recovery in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (11 March 2011), staff at one of our Chinese branches (printing factory) sent origami paper to 4 preschools in Fukushima Prefecture. We received photos from 2 preschools showing the children’s joy.