Business Field Planning

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Solutions designed to meet our clients' needs, such as improved quality, reduced production costs, new plans, and newly created manuals.

1 New Plans for Manuals

Crestec can provide plans for designing manuals in a new format and also conduct research and development into advanced technologies.
Through promotion plans that take advantage of our product knowledge and research into next-generation techniques for delivering information, we can propose new manual formats.

2 Planning for Manual Improvements

Crestec considers improvements in terms of necessary information, the ease with which information is found and understood, and overall usability.
In order to create optimal manuals, it is important to understand the product and envision the end user and other people who will read the manuals.

3 Planning for Promotion Tools

Crestec does not just create manuals in the service field. We also plan and propose brochures, in-store POP (point of purchase) displays, posters, magazine and newspaper advertisements, and many other product promotion tools.
Crestec creates materials that have the right promotional appeal by taking advantage of the product knowledge and understanding of user needs gained through the creation of manuals. In addition, because we use a consistent design from promotional materials to manuals, we can present a unified style across all documents. As a result, you can expect your product to become more appealing and have stronger branding.