1. Sustainability
  2. Human Resource Development CSR

Human Resource Development CSR

Employee Health and Safety Management System

  • 01Work Safety Sanitation Management

    Crestec is engaged in creating a work environment that is easy to work in and that promotes the health of our employees. With the intention of ensuring and maintaining a safe, healthy work environment, we have established an Environmental Subcommittee (Sanitation Panel and 5S Panel) and determined methods for managing environmental sanitation activities based on our risk management policy.

  • 02Employee Health Care

    In order to ensure the health of our employees, medical examinations and stress checks are performed once a year.

  • 03Increasing Employee Satisfaction

    In order for our employees demonstrate their abilities and have a comfortable work environment that promotes work-life balance, Crestec is engaged in human resource development and work reform activities entitled REBORN 20. ・Skill Advancement Activities
    ・Work Reform Activities
    ・Business Improvement Activities