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Message from the President

Your Gateway
to New Worlds

September 9th, 2024 will mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Crestec Group in 1984. The growth of our company and the expansion of our business would not have been possible without the tremendous support of everyone involved with our group. We are truly thankful for all of our employees, associates, and partners.
Looking to the future, we aim for further growth in manual production, translation, printing and other areas of our main documentation business. Furthermore, we will pursue new avenues for meeting all of our customer’s needs, from upstream activities such as market research and promotion, to downstream activities such as packaging and after-market services. With 9 branches and 4 affiliated companies located domestically in Japan, as well as a network of 19 branches spanning 11 countries, our organization will continue to strengthen our one-stop system for providing a wide array of services and solutions to the global market.
In recent years, we have come to find ourselves awash in a sea of information as our business environment rapidly changes due to the ever-advancing rate of technological innovation, greater work efficiency brought on by changes in working styles, and the growing complexities of our social infrastructures as is observable in our changing lifestyles. Because of this, it is more difficult than ever to manage information and know what to value and what to disregard. Given these circumstances, with “Global Communication ‘Your Gateway to New Worlds’” as our slogan, we endeavor to be an organization that can provide new services and solutions that will connect people to people, people to products, and people with the rest of the world in order to contribute to the creation of a society that is more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone.

Crestec Group
PresidentAkira Takabayashi