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Human Resource Development CSR

Aiming to Coexist with the Global Environment and Local Communities

Throughout all of our business activities,
we actively contribute to maintaining the health of individuals and protecting the environment from a global perspective,
and employ our best efforts to build a society in which sustainable development is possible.

Employee Health and Safety Management System

  • 01Work Safety Sanitation Management

    Crestec is engaged in creating a work environment that is easy to work in and that promotes the health of our employees. With the intention of ensuring and maintaining a safe, healthy work environment, we have established an Environmental Subcommittee (Sanitation Panel and 5S Panel) and determined methods for managing environmental sanitation activities based on our risk management policy.

  • 02Employee Health Care

    In order to ensure the health of our employees, medical examinations and stress checks are performed once a year.

  • 03Increasing Employee Satisfaction

    In order for our employees demonstrate their abilities and have a comfortable work environment that promotes work-life balance, Crestec is engaged in human resource development and work reform activities entitled REBORN 20. ・Skill Advancement Activities
    ・Work Reform Activities
    ・Business Improvement Activities