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Community Activities

Notebook Distribution Activities

At Crestec’s local subsidiary in China (Suzhou Crestec Printing Co. Ltd.), 5,000 notebooks and thousands of sheets of copy paper were donated to three nearby elementary schools. On November 7th, 2016, an assembly was held in the auditorium of Baimajian Elementary School.
In order to newly operate stitchless* binding machines, binding tests are performed on many books. The results would normally be discarded, but since the tests are performed using white paper, they were used for making notebooks.

*A method of bookbinding for binding more than a set number of pages in which books are bound using an adhesive rather than thread and needles.

Hamamatsu City Seawall Embankment Planting Activities

In order to prepare for possible tsunami damage caused by a Nankai Trough earthquake, the “Hamamatsu City Coastal Area Seawall Bank Improvement Project” is being carried out at a height of 13 meters tall and stretching approximately 17.5 km from Lake Hamana to the mouth of the Tenryu River. As part of this project, we are planting on the surface of the seawall embankment in order to restore the function of the original coastal disaster prevention forest. Citizens and businesses all participate in part of the planting. Crestec has been involved in these planting activities since 2016 through employee volunteers.

Cultural Exchange through Origami: Hang in There, Fukushima!

The “Cultural Exchange through Origami” is a program to distribute origami paper to local kindergartens and other facilities. For the origami paper, Crestec uses pieces of scrap paper and specially colored inks (ink that has been blended according to customers’ specific requirements and normally cannot be used for other printing) that are generated during printing. These activities not only reduce the amount of industrial waste produced, but also bring joy to children and contribute to the local community. In the past, staff taught how to fold origami as a way to promote cultural exchange in Dongguan City in Guangdong, China, and in the Cikarang district in western Indonesia.
While hoping for a quick recovery in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (11 March 2011), staff at one of our Chinese branches (printing factory) sent origami paper to 4 preschools in Fukushima Prefecture. We received photos from 2 preschools showing the children’s joy.

Traffic Safety Promotion Activities

Since 2008, the Hamamatsu office has served as a “business supporting safe driving.” Within the company, these efforts have significantly increased awareness of the need to drive safely. In addition, the staff carries out activities in the local community to promote a society with zero traffic accidents.

Club Team Activities

As a supporting company of the Jubilo Iwata soccer team, Crestec continues to root for Jubilo Iwata in 2018.

As a partner company of the Matsumoto Yamaga soccer team, Crestec continues to root for Matsumoto Yamaga in 2018.

Support of Competitive Sports Tournaments

Youth development charities/international communication
4th Open Tournament - Shizuoka Prefecture Karate Championship Tournament
As a sponsor company, Crestec provided poster and pamphlet creation services for the tournament held in the Iwata City General Gymnasium sponsored by the World Karatedo Federation Shinkyokishinkai Shizuoka Branch (backed by Iwata City) on September 30, 2018.

Support of Employee Yo-Yo Activities

Crestec is the proud official sponsor of the Yo-Yo competition activities of Rei Iwakura, one of our very own employees.